A selection of Images from my Continental Divide Project

can be seen at

Fujifilm House of Photography

Long Acre, Covent Garden- London

14th March - 30th April 2022

RPS - DPOTY-2021 Exhibition

Includes the commendation body of work - Continental Divide



Photography Tour

'New sites in New Mexico Tour'

Fort Union, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Salinas Pueblo Mission and White Sands

Twelve days weaving through the history of New Mexico plus White Sands

Date tbc




"Arches,Badlands and Canyons"

Twelve days weaving through the scenery of Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Parks

plus the Caineville Badlands in Utah

   Mesa Arch

Scheduled for September - space limited




US photography Tour 2018

Man and Nature in the Desert Tour


Joshua Tree, Organ Pipe Cactus NMs, The Salton Sea area,  Rte 66

Bombay Beach Marina

All seats taken, maybe next year



US photography Tour 2016 - The 4 Corners Area

Sept 21st - Oct.3rd (tbc)

(Four Corners area is where the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado all meet at one point)

Factory Butte UT

We will visit some of the most awesome landscapes and visits to sites of the 'ancients' that used to live in this area.

Seating limited-all seats taken, thank you. 



Previous Exhibition


From the High Sierras to the Sea

6 - 27 Sept 2014

Artisan Gallery

80 Harlesden Road, London, NW10 2BE

nearest tube Wilesden Green

Weds thru Sats 11-5

Quentin shows his latest work 'Time at Sea' taken during sailing from Ramsgate to Amsterdam earlier this year. The 'Leader' is of the  Brixham Trawler family circa 1890. 

'As she moves through the sea she moans, groans and creaks - but happy - for this is where she feels at home. I captured her 'life' - all her pieces not secured moving with her motion.'

He is joined in the exhibition by Elisabeth Blanchet with her series 'Beaches' and Tony Wallis with his images of the High Sierras



American Southwest Tour 2013
Death Valley & Yosemite National Parks
Tuesday October 1st thru Monday 14th 

Spend two weeks photographing the American Southwest including two iconic national parks with a small and adventurous group of photographers. Death Valley and Yosemite have some of the most photographed and majestic landscapes in the USA. Ansel Adams is famous for many of his most striking images from this region. We shall not tread in his footsteps - but shall breathe the same air - and hopefully have good light.

Waiting for you to frame and capture on this trip are harsh salt flats, huge sand dunes, awesome vistas, ghost towns, salt lakes, waterfalls, massive trees, ancient trees, meadows, rocks, reflections and much more.


Previous exhibition

Yellowstone Caldera

2012: The Final Days
6-19 August 2012
The Strand Gallery - London

Just as we start to die the moment we are born, our world is hurtling towards its inevitable end with each passing day. Whether by man-made destruction, environmental collapse, space wars, or the rise of the Anti-Christ, disaster will come, and some believe sooner rather than later.

Mr Ball has captured photographic images that are stark reminders of what has happened, is happening now, and what might happen to our fragile Planet Earth. The exhibition was inspired by The Doomsday Handbook – 50 Ways the World Could End, by science journalist Alok Jha.

Previous Exhibition

A Line in the Sand
Exhibition 15-26 February 2011
The Strand Gallery - London

The exhibition celebrated Mr Ball’s 65th birthday on St Valentine’s Day and 40 years of dramatic architecture and landscape photography. Mr Ball, one of a dwindling number of film photographers, has worked extensively in monochrome infrared film, and a number of these stunning images featuring London landmarks and urban landscapes will be showcased in the exhibition.

A Line in the Sand reflects both Mr Ball’s passion for desert landscapes and this milestone in his life as he draws a line under the past and looks forward to new photographic challenges in the 21st century.

Previous Tour

New Mexico Tour, September 27 thru October 9 2009
A Review


As I often say on return from a tour ‘That was the best ever’. I said that after this tour as well. Checking through my log, most days finished with the word ‘Excellent!!’

The timing and weather were very helpful. There was a full moon, and clear sky on one evening visit to White Sands National Monument, none of the group had shot with moonlight before (I was impressed by digital images captured at the time, but it seems that ‘noise’ made the files unprintable) - I was using provia 400. There was a thunderstorm one day at the same locale which left the picnic areas ‘flooded’ - I do like a reflection.

In the northwest of the state several days were spent exploring the Bisti Wilderness, the most memorable visually event here may have been in Shiprock where the Navaho were setting up for their Annual Pow Wow / Fair - during a raging sandstorm - not a good time to get the camera out.

One participant wrote: "...well organised, supportive and patient. I have had a blast and learnt lots".

I came away with a ‘bumper crop’ of images, some of which can be seen on my latest portfolio page 'Land of Enchantment'.

QB 06/10